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SIPLAST - Labeling Pocket

All companies with an own stock system have various expectations for an optimal labeling product. But one thing is always the same:

      Nothing works without a good organization.
              A good organization safes time.

We developed this Labeling Pocket to have a multi-functional labeling product for nearly all kinds of

This Labeling Pocket can be used for marking for
palettes, boxes, industry baskets, shelves, cartons
and many more.

The fastening arm on both sides are movable in
nearly every position. The top can be folded to
mark stacked products.

The top has a 3-hole-punching. These punching could be used for fastening by a pin or needle. Please have
look at our Accessories for Labeling Means.

The main material of this pocket is high-graded Polypropylene (PP). A very strong and resistant material that secures a long life.

For use outside we offer these pockets with an additional flap to protect the documents inside
against rain and polution.

The pocket has on both sides 2 special punchings
for an easier inserting and to protect the foil against

Unmistakable signal
We produce this pocket primary with 1 red side and 1 green side. These colours send an unmistakable
signal also great heights.

For example green could mean "free for production" and red means "not free for production".

Surely you can get these pocket without coloured sides
or you can choose you favourite colour out of our
stock materials.

We only use quality foils from selected suppliers to
secure a high and regular quality.

Please ask our sales department.

Your SIPLAST - Team